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This video was featured last week on one of our favorite race blogs, Racialicious (as captured from Sociological Images as seen on and at Sesame Street.  And I know this parenthetical reference is starting to sound like the old woman who swallowed a fly, but I wanted to give credit to everyone in the lineage).

I love Jesse Jackson.  He’s great with these kids.  But what can you expect from a man who so artfully reads Green Eggs and Ham (and with good humor).  He leads these kids in a defiant chorus that publicly denounces many of the lies the forces of this world will aim at them.  Knowing the prejudicial power of the overwhelming undercurrents in our culture, I wonder how many of those children grew up believing the truths they shouted down Sesame Street.

I hope mine will believe it.  I hope that if you have kids, yours will, too.  And I hope that us grown ups will continue to shout about it until they do.

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A friend just sent me a link to this post on Soong-Chan Rah’s blog:

Why can’t Christian publishers get a clue?

Recently, I received my copy of the Zondervan catalog. In one of the circulars, there was an advertisement for a book called Deadly Viper Character Assassins: A Kung Fu Survival Guide for Life and Leadership.

So the “Kung Fu” part got my attention, as well as the dragon on the cover and the Chinese characters. I guess I was hoping against hope that it was the story of an Asian-American Christian rather than another example of Asian culture being pimped out to sell products….

I’m trying to engage in dialogue with the authors. Not a good response so far, but if given the chance what would you say to them?

Update (11/5/09): Apology from the authors of Deadly Viper Character Assassins: “we deeply regret anything we did to offend our Christian brothers and sisters in the Asian and Asian-American communities.”

Another apology from the authors: “We, Mike Foster and Jud Wilhite…. are learning a lot. For one, we deeply offended some members of the Asian-American community who feel like we hijacked their culture for our purposes. We sincerely apologize for this and want to take steps to listen and respond to concerns. We will be removing a video and some content immediately and we’ll talk with our Asian friends to make sure our community embraces all peoples. We are on a learning journey here. Please have grace with us. This was never done intentionally or with any malicious forethought…. We desire to honor Asian culture and [our] friendships [with Asian people].”

Update (11/19/09): Zondervan, the publisher, has also repented!

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