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Given how much discussion we had around here last week about the “responsibility” of white people when it comes to restoring racial justice, I thought it would be good for us to watch a short video that I think is indicative of how racially progressive we really are these days.

A while back, ABC’s What Would You Do? did an undercover experiment showing how people in a store would react if they saw a white salesclerk openly discriminating against a black shopper.

When I first saw this, I was optimistic.  I really did expect the other shoppers to say something or at least to leave the store on principle.  As the video progresses, there are a few people who do the right thing, but for the most part (80% of the time), bystanders are complicit in the crime.

There are examples in the clip of white allies who not only defend the shopper against accusation, but choose to use their obvious and unjustified advantage in the situation to walk out with the shopper in overt opposition to the supremacist behavior of the clerk.  The title of the ABC series prompts me to ask all of our readers, and my sister bloggers, “What would you do?”

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